Well site Developments, Excavation and Backfilling Activities, Surveying works, Site grading, Filling and Compaction Works, Security Upgrading and fencing work for site lay down and camp, Concrete Foundation such as building works, road works and substation works, Concrete curbstone work, interlocks and concrete paving works. Road earth works and sub grade and road base laying works, Culverts and pipe bridge works, road earth works and temporary road works. Residential, commercial and industrial building works such as excavation dewatering, sheet piling, compaction.

Shuttering and concreting works, Reinforcement works, scaffolding works and finishing works, Sewer, raw waterline and other underground utilities work, Waterproofing and paintings, Existing facilities demolition/refurbishing, Pile cap (concrete) breaking works, sheet pile installation works and deep excavation works, Temporary office facilities works such as grading. leveling, compacting fencing, security upgrading and Porte cabin installation and temporary office electrical felicity works, Drainage works, underground piping works and cathodic protection works.